Joe Rogan Calls Out Rick Ross for Stealing Drug Kingpin’s Name

Joe Rogan calls out Rick Ross for stealing the name of real-life drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross.

Joe Rogan Slams Rick Ross for Stealing Drug Kingpin’ Name

A video from Joe Rogan Experience Podcast surfaced on YouTube last Wednesday (June 13) of his interview with former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross. In the clip, which can be viewed below, Rogan asked the real-life Freeway Ricky Ross if he’s amazed that no one has ever confronted the rapper Rick Ross about stealing his name.

“Have you ever seen anybody confront Rick Ross about you?” Rogan asked.

“Not in person, no. Anytime I’m around he disappears,” said Ross.

“But is there any video of anybody?” Rogan asked again. “Like, ‘Hey why are you running around with this dude’s name when this dude’s out of jail now?'”

Rogan added that the rapper Rick Ross was once a correctional officer and suggested that should have ruined his credibility as a street dude.

The real-life Ross added that when a person has money and fame, background information like that is ignored.

“When he got some money, they all they forgot that he was a correctional officer,” Ross stated. “You got gangsters doing records with him and people who say, ‘I hate snitches,’ and all this. But they’re doing records with a police officer.”

Rogan expressed that he’s astounded that the Miami rapper was able to get away with using the real-life Freeway Ricky Ross name.

“It’s just so crazy,” he said. “If there was a rapper named Joe Rogan, I’d be like, ‘What the f**k?'”

Ricky Ross added that Rozay has yet to acknowledge where he originally got the name from. “He won’t even admit that he stole the name. He tells people he invented it,” he said.

Former Drug Lord Loses $10 Million Court Battle Against Rick Ross

During the interview, Ricky Ross brought up his 2010 $10 million copyright infringement lawsuit against the rapper for allegedly using his name without permission. Despite his best legal efforts, Ricky lost subsequent court battles against Rozay in 2014.

“How the f**k did you lose? Rogan asked.

“The judge got to make a technical decision,” Ricky explained. “She had to make a decision on when did public first become known of him using my name. So what she did is she picked a little radio station outside of Miami that played his record for the first time. So that was a date that the public first became known that he was using the name.”

“By [the judge’s] time frame, I should have filed five days before I got out of jail. I was five days late,” he concluded.

Freeway Rick claimed Rick Ross’ legal team spent $1.5 million on their countersuit but didn’t propose a settlement. Ricky Ross’ mother faced eviction from her home at the time, so he might have accepted a small settlement offer.

“If they had offered $250,000, I would have been thrilled,” he said.

Additionally, Freeway Rick revealed that he owes $1 million to Ross. The author added that rapper Rick Ross claimed that his nickname came from high school when he was referred to as “Big Boss,” which later evolved to “Rick Ross.”

Joe Rogan dismissed the tale as “the dumbest f**king story I’ve ever heard.”

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