Happy Birthday, Peter Frampton! Listen to His 1975 BBC Performance

Peter Frampton’s most famous work—his 1976 live album Frampton Comes Alive!—was released 44 years ago, and yet it still resonates. The classic rocker turns 70-years-old today, and to celebrate this milestone birthday, we’re sharing audio from his BBC performance in 1975, less than 12 months before Frampton Comes Alive! would take the world by storm.

Below, you can hear snippets of Frampton’s London performance, which was also recorded for the American radio program The King Biscuit Flower Hour. Listen to four selections, each taken from a different full-length album: “It’s a Plain Shame” from 1972’s Wind of Change, “Do You Feel Like We Do” from 1973’s Frampton’s Camel, the sort-of-title-track from 1974’s Somethin’s Happening and ”(I’ll Give You) Money” from 1975’s Frampton.

Hear Frampton perform live in 1975 via the Paste vault below.