Ganser Release Nothing You Do Matters EP, “What Me Worry?” Video

Chicago four-piece Ganser have released their Nothing You Do Matters EP, produced by Angus Andrew of Liars, and recorded at Key Club Recording in Michigan. The band’s short-form follow-up to their 2020-standout album Just Look At That Sky features the previously released “People Watching” and its Liars remix, as well as new song “What Me Worry?” Ganser accompanied their new tracks with what they call “our most ambitious music videos to date,” including today’s (Oct. 5) “What Me Worry?” visual.

”’What Me Worry?’ came out of, well, a lot of recent worrying,” the band’s Alicia Gaines explains in a statement, continuing:

I wanted to examine my concerns by dressing them up as a performance or talk show, to tell myself to snap out of it from the perspective of someone that knows better than I do. The smallest, personal worries can blind us to larger questions in life, they can be a distraction and nuisance like a television playing in the background. There’s the show of your life and then there’s your actual life, and the challenge is to dissect those from each other while there’s still time.

Again self-directed by Ganser’s Gaines and Nadia Garofalo, the “What Me Worry?” video picks up where “People Watching” left off, opening on the studio set where the former clip was shot using immersive, high-resolution LED screen technology. Gaines performs the darkly swaggering, electronics-tinged track in front of that same screen, but eventually rises from the previous video’s burial and wanders off set, as if discovering the real world beyond the artifice for the first time. In the final shot, she steps out of the studio and into the sun, and looks to the sky.

Watch the “What Me Worry?” video and Ganser’s 2021 Paste session below. Nothing You Do Matters is out now on Felte Records.