Folk Artist Brody Price Aims for Empathy on Latest Single

The gentle guitar picking pattern welcomes you with twang into “It Was You,” the latest single from folk artist Brody Price. Although it takes a ballad form, the song is not the comforting embrace you might expect, with a note of tension coming around the bend every time you think you’ve settled into its late-summer sound. Price explains in a statement, “This song is about being aware of my own internal turmoil and realizing that everyone has the same thing in some form or fashion. Even if someone may appear to have it all together, you still can’t tell what’s racing through their mind when they lay awake at night. We’re just wandering through life trying to hold it all together.”

This single is the latest off his forthcoming album Win a Trip To Palm Springs, out Oct. 28 on Niles City, a new label started by country artist Robert Ellis. Lyrics like, “Oh, the moonlight changes things / You were someone’s little boy” bring an appropriate era of mystery to the subject matter, with such vague lyrics easily applying to Price’s life, as well as the listener’s. Price refers to the genre as “doom country,” a tongue-in-cheek name that fits pretty well. Somehow, the song’s arrangement is simple at the same time as it fills up your headphones and your brain.

Price will play a hometown release show in Dallas, Texas, on Oct. 27. Watch the visual accompaniment to his new single below.