Exclusive: Pansy Debut New Single “Where There’s Smoke”

Chicago indie-rock outfit Pansy released their newest single “Where There’s Smoke” via Paste Thursday ahead of their self-titled debut album, out April 2. The single follows “Buried” and “Pity Party.”

Not to be confused with their fellow Windy City indie act of the same name, Pansy’s heavy indie rock bursts through on the band’s latest track. The instrumental feels touched by midwestern emo influences, perhaps thanks to Pansy’s Grand Rapids, Michigan roots, but is made softer through the layered vocal stylings of Mat Hagger, who said in a statement that “”Where There’s Smoke” is one of the first songs pansy wrote, and the last to be released before our debut album. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Listen to “Where There’s Smoke” below.