Exclusive: Isla June Premiere New Video for “lovesick”

Isla June, the musical project of Jenna Maranga, has just released a new music video for the latest single “lovesick,” her first new video of 2020.

Director Elle Schneider (Speedy Ortiz’ “Villain”), who used an all-womxn crew, describes the colorful video as “a dreamy blend of Blade Runner and Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham, taking place inside a crumbling, neon-lit doll house where emotions and memories are trapped in the past.”

“The concept of this video captures the idea behind lovesick so perfectly,” Maranga explains. “It’s my take on a love song, which I don’t write often. Specifically, bad love. The kind that leaves you feeling isolated and lonely and desperate, like another version of yourself. It’s about someone so toxically in love they become reclusive, almost agoraphobic. It’s an exaggerated depiction of how some of us end up feeling when we’re in love—the really dark parts that aren’t always talked about in classic love songs.”

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Maranga melds smoky jazz with indie rock and ’70s soul, giving a timeless flavor to her music, which has been featured on Freeform’s Good Trouble and CW’s Riverdale. Watch the video for “lovesick” below: