Dummy Release Two New Songs via Sub Pop Singles Club

The Los Angeles-based band Dummy flex their duality on their latest release, “Mono Retriever” b/w “Pepsi Vacuum.” The songs were released via Sub Pop Singles Club, and address both corporate disregard for the environment and the spirituality of nature.

A jittery post-punk banger, “Mono Retriever” manages to be lush while still taking a barebones approach. The chirpy track ruminates on the blatant disregard that big businesses have for nature, and serves as a mirror for its shoegaze-inspired counterpart. The perfect contrast, “Pepsi Vacuum” sees the band experiment with digital editing and sports a ’90s chillwave edge. While both tracks play with an oceanic motif, Dummy shows their versatility by creating two completely different sonic experiences that still somehow fit together seamlessly.

Listen to both singles below.