Doja Cat Puts Her Mental Health First and Leaves Instagram

Doja Cat is putting her mental health first so she decided to leave Instagram.

Doja Cat Deactivates Her Instagram Account

On Saturday (March 9), Doja Cat hopped on her Instagram account to inform her 24 million followers that she is going to shut down her page due to the treatment she received on the social media platform.

“Hey i’m gonna deactivate because im not really feeling this anymore,” she wrote in a since-deleted post. “You guys take care of yourselves.”

“I like coming here to find inspo and see people being creative but i just feel like this is getting to be too much,” Doja added. “The way im spoken to on here and treated makes me have f**ked up thoughts.”

“Please watch how you talk to and about people on the internet. Bye,” she concluded.

Although Doja Cat terminated her IG page, her account on X, formerly known as Twitter, is still active with over 5 million followers.

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Doja Cat Reacts to Losing a Bunch of Instagram Followers

Doja Cat has experienced periods of tension on Instagram with her fans.

Last summer, the 28-year-old rhymer engaged in a public disagreement with her devoted fan base known as the “Kittenz.” Doja took offense to the term “kittenz” and said that none of her fans are associated with that name.

The “Agora Hills” rapper also received tons of backlash after telling her fans that she doesn’t love them. This caused a mass exodus of her followers who felt disrespected by the rapper-singer. Nevertheless, Doja was elated with losing over 250,000 followers on IG.

“Seeing all these people unfollow me makes me feel like I’ve defeated a large beast that’s been holding me down for so long and it feels like I can reconnect with the people who really matter and love me for who I am and not for who I was,” Doja Cat wrote on her Instagram Story. “I feel free,” she added.

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Check out Doja Cat’s message before she shut down her Instagram page below.

Read Doja Cat’s Message Before She Deactivated Her Instagram Account

Doja Cat deactivates her Instagram account.

doja cat/Instagram


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