DJ Scheme Tears Into Streamer Andrew Tate for Hating Juice Wrld

DJ Scheme tears into Andrew Tate for hating on the late Juice Wrld.

DJ Scheme Criticizes Andrew Tate for Juice Wrld Comments

On Wednesday (May 1), DJ Scheme hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to clap back at controversial streamer Andrew Tate after Tate posted the comment: “Imagine being a fan of ‘juice wrld.’ F**king mindless.”

“1. You’re a f**king loser,” Scheme replied. “2. Every content creator passed u around like a little w**re now ur all washed up and nobody gives a f**k about you. And for the finale Literally you’re a HUMAN TRAFFICKER.”

Scheme was referring to Tate’s ongoing criminal case in Romania, where he has been charged with human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. Tate has denied all the accusations against him.

DJ Scheme’s comments come as no surprise considering how close he was with Juice Wrld while the rapper was alive. As a member of XXXTENTACION’s Members Only collective, Scheme was the detail-oriented producer behind the scenes, crafting the sounds of X, Ski Mask The Slump God and the late Juice.

Overall it’s unprompted for Andrew Tate to offer his thoughts on Juice Wrld, and considering the emotional nature of his music it’s likely Tate is just trolling to get a rise out of people. With that being said, criticizing a deceased artist, especially one as beloved as Juice, just because you don’t personally like his music feels cruel and unnecessary.

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Andrew Tate Trolls Drake for Wearing Nail Polish, Lil Yachty Responds

This isn’t the first time Tate has faced the online wrath of a rapper. Last July, Lil Yachty began trolling the controversial streamer on X after Tate had criticized Drake for wearing nail polish.

“Man, dis s**t weird AF,” Lil Yachty sarcastically commented on a post of Tate’s comments shared by Akademiks. “SMH u used to be our hero, Drake. U let dat boy Yachty get 2 u.”

Drake himself never ended up responding.

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See DJ Scheme’s response to Andrew Tate below.

See DJ Scheme Tear Into Andrew Tate for Hating Juice Wrld

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