Disco Doom Announce First New Album in 8 Years, Share Title Track “Mt. Surreal”

Switzerland-based band Disco Doom has returned after an eight-year hiatus with the title track from their forthcoming album, Mt. Surreal, out Sept. 16 via Exploding in Sound. The song arrives with a mind-altering music video directed by Rudem and featuring graphics by Martin Woodtli.

Over the past 20 years of playing together, Disco Doom has shed any form of convention, instead opting for a songwriting style that’s more akin to stream of consciousness. A free-form arrangement, the song oscillates between wiry guitars and sparse percussion, a pattern that continues to flicker even as the track dims into a slow burn. Insisting “it’s the same as it ever was,” that proposition implodes under the unpredictable twists, turns and headtrips of “Mt. Surreal.”

“‘Mt. Surreal’ was a lot about finding a balance of simplicity and complexity. It took us a lot of time to find the right arrangement, mixture and balance between all parts,” the band explains in a statement. “We merged sounds of different instruments to get a new sound that matched the deserted, bleak mood of the song—we used a bass, an arp synth and pitched drum sounds. It’s easy to feel lost in today’s uniformity. The song rejects the familiar and goes its own way—to the surreal.”

Check out the visualizer for “Mt. Surreal” below and find the details of the album further down.

Mt. Surreal Tracklist:

1. Mt. Surreal
2. Rogue Wave
3. Pic Nic
4. Prolog
5. Patrik
6. Static Bend
7. Hold The Line
8. Clic Clac

Mt. Surreal Art: