Dehd Announce New Album Flower of Devotion, Share Lead Single “Loner”

Chicago-based band Dehd have announced that their new album Flower of Devotion will arrive this summer, just over a year after the release of their debut album Water, which we named one of the best of May 2019. Flower of Devotion is out July 17 on Fire Talk.

The trio featuring Emily Kempf (vocals/bass), Jason Balla (vocals/guitar), and Eric McGrady (drums) first caught our attention for their snappy style of art-rock. This new batch of music finds them sharpening their already angular edges even more—but with an added flair. “Loner” explodes in a synth-y fit of “hey hey heys” and tender electric guitar breaks. For perhaps the first time in their bandhood, Dehd sound like they walked straight out of neon-colored new-wave music video.

“The last record, the vibe was ‘How minimal can it be? What’s the minimum that a song requires to succeed?’ This one was like, ‘How can we make this thing that’s really powerful?,” Balla writes in a statement.

Kempf adds, “We didn’t become more perfectionist. We’ve always been really scrappy, but we decided to polish our scrappiness just a little bit.”

They sound even more assured on “Loner,” despite creating it along with many of these songs following difficult times.

“It’s okay to be lighthearted in the face of despair,” Kempf says. “Being alone and grieving is very isolating, but then you come out of your little cave of grief, and your friends and family and partner are all there to pat you on the back and hold you until you have to go back into the cave of grief alone.”

Watch the video for “Loner” below. Pre-order Flower of Devotion right here. Keep scrolling for the album art and tracklist.

Flower of Devotion Album Art:


Flower of Devotion Tracklist:

1. Desire
2. Loner
3. Haha
4. Drip Drop
5. Month
6. Disappear
7. Flood
8. Letter
9. Nobody
10. No Time
11. Moonlight
12. Apart
13. Flying