dba James Announces Debut EP, Shares First Single “My World”

When one door closes, another door opens. Following the disbandment of Bay Faction in 2020, frontman James McDermott has returned to announce his debut EP under his new name dba James (pronounced: James). Check “Yes” To Connect arrives June 24. Today (May 24), he shares the EP’s first single “My World.”

“My World” contains remnants of that electronic-tinged charm from Bay Faction’s last album Florida Guilt. James’ layered harmonies teeter the line between uncanny valley and sweet, pop goodness. He doesn’t abandon his emo influences entirely, and the song’s infectious harmonies mix with his charming dry humor, enhanced by his melancholy delivery. dba James puts a microscope on the mundane, finding the humor and signs of beauty in everything as a way to process and cope with such a long period of isolation.

Speaking further on the single, dba James said:

After a long period of prolonged introspection living at home, I found how easy it was to slip into regressive patterns and comforts of adolescent vices. “My World” is about coming to terms with change, narrating my story of trading my old self for someone I don’t know yet. Growth is inevitable but how far does a branch sag before it snaps?

Below, listen to “My World” and stay tuned for more information on Check “Yes” To Connect ahead of its June 24 release.