Brothertiger Shares New Single “Shelter Cove”

Electronic/chillwave artist Brothertiger, aka John Jagos, has shared a new single from his forthcoming album Paradise Lost, out on Sept. 11 via Satanic Panic Recordings. Paradise Lost is his first original album since 2015’s Out of Touch. His new single “Shelter Cove” follows his previous single “Livin.’”

Characterized by glazed vocals, a downtempo beat and a heady wash of synths, “Shelter Cove” is rather contemplative. While “Livin’” veered into spirited electro-psychedelia, “Shelter Cove” echoes with icy electronica, slowly melting with ambient touches and a sense of limitless freedom.

Jagos said of the new single:

“Shelter Cove” was one of the last tracks I wrote for Paradise Lost. I was sort of at a crossroads at that point in terms of how I wanted to wrap up the record. I found the pad sound on my Juno 60 after running it through a bunch of compression and saturation, and I knew I had to make a song around it. The song is about some specific times on tour, driving through northern California on the Pacific Highway, finding swimming holes with my friend and sound tech Will. We’d look up some spots on our days off and drive to them. Last time we did was in October. We went to Pfieffer Beach near Monterrey. It was really windy and it clearly wasn’t swimming season, so everyone at the beach was dumbfounded watching two pale idiots running into the ocean.

Listen to “Shelter Cove” below, and scroll down to hear his 2015 Daytrotter session. Preorder Paradise Lost here.