Björk Shares “atopos,” First Single from Forthcoming LP

The Icelandic artist Björk has shared a new single, “atopos,” from her forthcoming album fossora, out Sept. 30. The release’s announcement came via Twitter, with a request from Björk to “please play it loudly.”

The genre-bending track features avant-garde vocals and an expansive woodwind section. Pondering Roland Barthes’ concept of the “unclassifiable other,” Björk asserts, “our differences are irrelevant our union is stronger than us.” Despite the jarring complexity of the song, “atopos” unfurls around a simple plea for connectivity.

Björk released a Viðar Logi-directed music video to accompany the track, which offers a glimpse into a fluorescent wonderland. Check out “atopos” below.