Best Albums of 2020: Backstage Gurus ‘Mediterranean Odyssey’

Mediterranean Odyssey (Liquid Sound Design)

Beatmaster Gabriel Le Mar has been releasing diverse electronica for over 20 years now. His new and excellent 4-way collaboration as Backstage Gurus is the latest emanation from the downtempo end of his repertoire. Mediterranean Odyssey is grounded in luscious exotic dub with strong Near and Mid-Eastern instrumentation – gimbri, oud, bouzouki – alongside the trippy bleeps of psychedelic chillout. Tuneful, groovy and intricate, it’s superbly produced with that trademark punch that he’s honed over two decades of studio craftsmanship. Gabriel’s recent solo album Shared Fictions (2020) is also worth investigation: a less exotic, more techy and percussive excursion in down-to-midtempo rhythms.

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