Algonquin Electronic Artist Mìch Cota / Kìzis Shares Joyful New Single “In Our House”

Algonquin electronic artist Mìch Cota / Kìzis has shared a new single, “In Our House,” via Tin Angel Records, her first new music since 2018’s “Nibi/Water” and “Kija/Care.”

With buzzing, melodious synths, glockenspiels and an intoxicating beat, “In Our House” is the sound of radical joy. Its experimental pop glistens, and the rumble of unflinching jubilation underpins it all. This is the kind of euphoria that’s transformative and fully immersive, and you can tell by Cota’s emotive dancing that she feels this unspoken rush.

“This song and dance is dedicated to The Man I Left and Who Left Me, for which I will suffer and rejoice eternally,” Cota says. “In my reflection I am living, in this song about a house I no longer call a home, I wrote a prophecy. I have seen the darkness in time, we all have our stories. In this song and video I sing with all sincere joy because in today, I am fascinated in the rhythm of life.”

Raised in Southern Ontario, Cota grew up in a strict religious household and later found solace in making music, which explores her existence as a trans, indigenous artist.

Watch the video for “In Our House” below.