Vancouver-based Kresnt returns with Nani Beats-produced banger “Everybody Knows”

After receiving a lot of positive feedback from our Kresnt post from a few days ago, we’re excited to see the reaction to his latest single, “Everybody Knows.”

The Afghan-Canadian artist has been steadily progressing since first popping up in the scene a couple of years ago, and we think “Everybody Knows” is one of Kresnt’s top tracks to date. And from what he told us, that seems to be the sentiment in his own camp as well.

The single—which we need to also credit for having some slick hand painted artwork—has been seeing a lot of love from playlists including Apple Music’s New Music Daily, The Plug, and The New Toronto. Apple also featured the single in their “Hot Tracks” feature on iTunes. And you know we had to add the song to our official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh as well.


Vancouver-based Kresnt returns with Nani Beats-produced banger Everybody Knows

“Everybody Knows” is a Hot Track on iTunes

Just yesterday, Kresnt posted an inspiring video on Instagram as part of the trending #10YearChallenge. It included photos of his himself a decade earlier—already an aspiring rapper—as well as footage of him dropping his own lyrics on top of Drake’s “Miss Me” beat. The post ends with a more recent shot of Kresnt and a very heartfelt message in the caption:

“It’s been 10 years since this video was recorded and going through these photos and videos these memories only bring tears as to see my passion and drive has never slowed down. Even though I’ve had no money, no co-sign, no friends, constant hate and yet I powered through all of it and have shown nothing but love in the process to everyone.”

It goes on to say a few more things, including sending love to his friend and manager Kane Dabir, who has also been responsible for some of Kresnt’s visuals via his TiV Productions.

Our main take from the post was that Kresnt’s passion and drive to succeed in music is probably much deeper than most people realize, and the result is he’s steadily starting to see the fruits of his labour. The views are going up, the recognition is growing and despite the setbacks brought on by isolation and quarantine, he’s continuing to push The Lunar Cycle movement forward.

“Everybody Knows” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day, check it out below.

Vancouver-based Kresnt returns with Nani Beats-produced banger Everybody Knows

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