Edmonton’s JusJrdn previews next album with new Road 2 Olympus mixtape

As he prepares for the 2021 release of his second studio album, Olympus, Edmonton artist JusJrdn delivers a dope new mixtape to hold fans over.

The Road 2 Olympus is seven-tracks deep with guest features from (in order of appearance) Sean Fiji, Kadïï, Tom Thompson, and Lady Saint.

“The inspiration for Road 2 Olympus the mixtape came almost as a by-product of making my album, Olympus,” JusJrdn explained via an email exchange.

“I wanted to learn more about production, and the mixing and mastering process for myself. Now I have, and I learnt that I still have a long ways to go. But I see growth, so I feel hope. I wanted to work with some artists, learn from the collaborations, but also learn more about the production side, so I can communicate to future collaborators better, more efficiently. I hope this little project get’s people thinking, and understanding that ‘JusJrdn’ is as unique of an artist as one can be, and I plan on staying that way. 2021 Olympus the full album will come out, and it will be amazing and creative.”

Along with JusJrdn’s own production, Road 2 Olympus features the work of Andrew Menzak, who co-produced the tracks “Warrior” and “The Light.”

You can find Road 2 Olympus on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via the Prime Purpose Movement.

Artwork for Road 2 Olympus by JusJrdn

Artwork for Road 2 Olympus by JusJrdn

Artwork for Road 2 Olympus by JusJrdn

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