Toronto artist DillanPonders releases new album BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE

Highly prolific Toronto artist DillanPonders has officially released his highly anticipated new album, BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE.

The 12-track release boasts a long list of eclectic and exciting artist features and producer collaborations including Ruby Waters, Allan Rayman, Witch Prophet, lemin., Bijan Amir, Dom Dias, Losh, Bad Child, and more. Written and recorded in Toronto, the album’s final song choices were selected from over 100 tracks Dillan wrote, recorded, and mixed while putting this project together.

BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE features music that showcases Dillan’s true evolution in sound—hip-hop, pop, R&B, reggae, and country nods and inspiration are all found on this project, and illustrate Dillan’s trajectory and growth as an artist, especially over the last two years. After overcoming recent experiences with homelessness and drug addiction, all while struggling with mental health issues and Bipolar disorder, Dillan’s focus and priorities have changed drastically, and his view on life has become crystal clear:

“People tend to avoid the fact that life is fickle and could end at any minute, while I tend to relish in this inevitability,” says DillanPonders.

“I believe that for whatever reason, we’re here now—and we should make the most of it, which is the main perspective of BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE, and something that I hope resonates with people across the globe, especially now.”

You can find the album on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via SmashMouth Music Group / Opposition.

Artwork for BECAUSE WERE ALIVE by DillanPonders

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