Thor’s Newest Treat For The Masses Is A Thrilling Single “Queen Of The Spiders”

Thor is on fire this year releasing their album Alliance and just recently dropping a brand-new single “Queen Of The Spiders”. The latter was created as a 2D animation somewhat resembling much loved comic book design. The song is incredibly powerful, stunning the listener with deep vocals and bass guitars. Band members Kevin Stuart Swain, Frank Soda, Rob Blackburn, Scott Young, and Jon Mikl Thor weave a beautiful tale in their song, demonstrating immense creativity. 

Thor is a prolific band hailing from Canada that has gathered veterans of their art. The group has released numerous fascinating singles and albums including  “We Will Fight Forever” feat. Neil Turbin and “Because We Are Strong,” as well as Hammer of Justice, Rising, their previous albums. Thor makes fantastic heavy metal and rock music and has been since the beginning. Kevin Stuart Swain joined the team in 2018, when the band was to produce a Christmas album, after which he remained with the band as the bass guitarist and producer.  

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