Thomas Barnett drops A.I. EP

Stripped-down & driving Detroit techno with some melodic moments here & there.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is, and has been, encroaching upon our world for years now & it all seems to be coming to a head… With this A.I. EP from Detroit electronic music veteran, Thomas Barnett, this new technology hasn’t been lost, but instead of “intelligence” Barnett flipped it to “ignorance” to try to inject a little light-hearted humor into this hotly debated topic. With 4 new tracks on this EP no actual A.I. was used, but with titles like “Artificial Ignorance”, “Data Mining”, “Firewall”, & “Cloud Based Funk” it doesn’t take long to realize there is a theme going on here, that theme is pumpin’ bass, rapid hi-hats, quick drops, & frenetic energy.

This digital release will be available everywhere for downloads & streaming on May 10th, 2024, just in time for the upcoming, busy Summer. Coming up also this Summer season will be Barnett’s follow up to the A.I. EP with his “Dragons” release with floor-filling remixes from Ecilo, Gunjack, & Barnett. This Summer will also see a handful of remixes that Barnett did for other artists like CloudMasterWeed, DJ Mourad, & Biblical Proportion. So it definitely looks like this is going to be a busy 2024… we will be looking forward to seeing you on the dance-floor.

Grab your copy HERE!