Chief Moquiuix Creates New Adventures With Parabolic

Chief Moquiuix releases original cuts on EP Parabolic.

Chief Moquiuix is an artist with a philosophy touching on complete musicality as a chance to conjure up emotions, feelings, and adventures. As his past releases, such as “Never Enough,” have received much acclaim for his talents, the same interesting method is implemented in his current work. He enjoys guiding listeners on an eclectic journey, often unlimited to one genre.

The two tracks implore music that alternates between energetic and relaxing, they are bound to find their place in many playlists. “Parabolic Apes” is a soft tune back with relatable lyrics that elevate the track to the sheer display of his talents.

Conversing with synths and pads accompanied by roaring yet calming basslines, the track “Parabolic (Instrumental)” comes to a steady and deep pace of melodic slumber, accentuating the highlights of “Parabolic Apes.” 

Each track tells a transparent story of its own.