Stream Lua Gior’s Astonishing Debut Pop Ballad “Hideaway”

 Lua Gior, the Brazilian artist born in Sao Paulo, is releasing her debut pop single titled “Hideaway”. This hauntingly beautiful song is the greatest way to debut her career as a solo artist, and she has concocted something truly unique for us on “Hideaway”. 

Nostalgic arrangements infected with electronic, flok, rock, and ambient influences inherited from her background in music provide the perfect structure for her to layer atop her magnetic and hypnotic vocals, provoking chills to the spine everytime we listen to the track. 

A versatile and emotionally-driven artist, Lua Gior has mandated herself with a mission; to share her most authentic inspirations and intuitions through music with her audience, and “Hideaway” is the ideal release to create a solid fan base from which to propel herself into unexplored dimensions this year and the coming ones.