StevenCharles’ Latest Single “My Destination” Carries An Inspiring & Powerful Message

After the release of “Stay” and “Love You Still,” StevenCharles drops yet another bomb song titled “My Destination.” The recent single conveys strong messages of self-belief, transpiring positive energy, and encouraging its listeners to trust their infinite potential. 

“My Destination” hypes up the audience with its elevating beats and introspective lyrics: “So I won’t wait/ For my joy to come/ I’m smiling(shining) today/ And although it’s taking/ Way too long to finally get/ To my destination/ My mind’s my creation/ No time to be wasted yea.” The talented singer-songwriter mentions that his favorite bit is the part where he sings “The rainbows and sunshine always come after the showers.”

StevenCharles introduces a fresh new sound that reflects his buoyancy and brightness, “It’s the first of many inspirational themed songs, and I hope people can just vibe with the good energy that pulses from the track.” 

The anticipated music video for “My Destination” will be out before the end of this month.

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