Slim 1200 Takes Control Over His Destiny And Drops “Tik Tok”

Raised in Houma, Louisiana and in Atlanta, Slim 1200 is a multi-faceted rapper who naturally raps with a raw and soulful flow that he combines with different elements of rap from the south, he explained in his latest interview with The Hype Magazine. This summer, he released “Tik Tok,” a track that was inspired by his nieces and nephews running around making Tik Tok videos. After a couple of years spent in Federal Prison, he decided to take control over his destiny and become the artist he was always meant to be. From Cash Money & No Limit to Soulja Slim, Outkast, Youngbloods, T.I, his influences are multiple and enrich his already powerful lyrical abilities, that will be soon exposed on the full album Revelations, set to drop at the end of the month, so stay tuned!