Review: Nabil Hayat – Floating Ashes

Nabil Hayat returns with a brand new release, a two-tracker EP that was manifested towards the end of the pandemic, finding now is a good time to release them into the light.  His sound is difficult to describe but one might say it is atmospheric and moody with raw and organic drum sounds.

Incorporating the essence of techno into his creation, Nabil Hayat transports listeners further into his own reflective realm of sonic exploration with his post-pandemic manifest ‘Floating Ashes’ EP.

Kicking things off, the title track ‘Floating Ashes’ has a slamming kick and repetitive points that set the pace. It’s a driving cut designed for an intense dancefloor experience. Bass line collaborates effortlessly with haunting elements, delivering a subtle but beautiful breakdown. Imagine hearing this track peep in those morning hours as “Floating Ashes” brings a dark abyss-like track with a haunting pattern.

Up next is ‘The Start Is Not’, a track that starts small but builds up in an exhilarating cyclone swirls of sounds. Seems old-school techno-inspired, this cut offers high energy with a moody atmosphere making it perfect for peak time in an underground venue. Rolling between rhythmic peak time groove and piercing elements, makes ‘The Start Is Not’ a kind of track that leaves you wanting more.

‘Floating Ashes’ EP is set to be released on May 16th, while you can grab your copy on Beatport here.