Music Video Spotlight: ‘Tell The Truth’ By Saint Rien

Coming to the USA after living all across the world, Australian singer and songwriter Saint Rien has delivered one of the most interesting music videos we have seen in 2021. 

His debut, ‘Tell The Truth’, is filled with a bunch of political references (seriously, Biden making out with Trump? gagging!), and decorated with historical and cultural Easter eggs. Every time we watch the video, we are able to find more and more hidden gems and footage expressing the author’s way of thinking and general attitude. 

Saint Rien warns us about how the media manipulate reality, and how it influences our lives. The truth is that what we see is generally not what is really happening, and Saint Rien exposes it all in his music video. The visuals are recorded as one-cut footage showing Saint Rien’s creativity and directing talent. Big shout out for a great piece! 

Make sure to follow Saint Rien on IG and watch ‘Tell The Truth’ below: