Monika Kruse marks Return with New Release on Terminal M Records


Renowned German techno luminary Monika Kruse is back in the limelight with a highly anticipated release on her label, Terminal M. The techno heavyweight, after grappling with a challenging creative hiatus, has returned with a powerful two tracks, “Flashback 98” and “Silver Spark.”

In a heartfelt message to her fans and the electronic music community, Kruse shared, “Words cannot describe how happy I am to finally return with my own music.” Her honesty about overcoming a period of creative block resonates with artists and fans alike, shedding light on the emotional journey that often accompanies the creative process.

The tracks, “Flashback 98” and “Silver Spark,” are the testaments of Monika’s renewed creative energy. Fans can expect a blend of old school nostalgia and contemporary sound in a journey through Kruse’s unique approach to techno.

‘Flashback 98’ EP is out on Aprl 12th.