Lékan Tella Releases New Infectiously Charming Single ‘Savannah Red’

Following up on his major success with debut single ‘Emptiness,’ Lékan Tella recently released a brand new song ‘Savannah Red,’ an infectiously charming anthem.   

On the track, Lékan Tella is softening and smoothing the grit in his voice showing the whole palette of his vocal abilities. ‘Savannah Red’ showcases his process of rebounding from a breakup, where he really didn’t care much about anything, and simply wanted to make it through. 

Lékan Tella’s latest work, reviewed by HipHopMagz has been described as “unique, and different from Lékan’s first song is a totally new vibe, a fusion of pop, groove, and funk.” 

Listen to the ‘80s inspired funky track below: