Laszlo Jones Claims New Grounds with “In The Morning”

A composer and producer, Laszlo Jones has made waves with his unique and eccentric approach to music. His latest track, titled “In The Morning,” has the artist in a transparent hold splurging feelings. With previous songs such as “Glory” and “Spinning Around,” Laszlo Jones is a name here to stay. Dazzling fans from all over the world with his organic talents, Jones is no one-hit-wonder.

The track was produced by Michael Buens and perfectly exhibited the artist’s raw energy and true feelings. “In The Morning” talks about the clear-cut contrast between night and day. How one can make you forget the other. The music video takes you on a night of domestic violence; however, as the sun shines, the lady is seen wiping away the blood and carrying on her day.

After receiving much-deserved acclaim, the artist will also display this track on his upcoming album “Beyond The Door”—set to be released this fall. Strapped with sturdy vocals, relatable lyrics, and mesmerizing tunes, “In The Morning” is Jones’s approach to his unique musical talents.

Watch the music video below and get a front-row seat to Laszlo Jones’s inner creations.