Kate Pending releases ‘Pigmented Reality’ LP

‘Pigmented Reality’ is the first full length release from enigmatic artist Kate Pending. A carefully crafted 12-track record, this album is an eloquent expression of her polished sound and artistic versatility.

The album’s palette can be likened to an eclectic blend of influences, from ethereal vibes similar to Elder Island and Little Dragon to deeper electronic tones like Christian Löffler and Jacob Groening. There are many parallels that can be drawn with Kate’s sound, which in essence speaks to the level of electronic sophistication the package offers. Whilst some tracks bring an element of edgy, synth-driven energy, others take a more progressive or laid back route creating a fusion of genres that Kate Pending navigates with finesse.

“Pigmented Reality” starts with “Lost Ways,” a track that sets the tone with spoken word over ever evolving sequences, an introduction that leads directly into “Soma Sequence,” where rhythmic complexities meet the same sequenced arpeggio and mutate into something altogether different. Next up “Futile Resistance” has an altogether more ominous tone, but still retaining a melodic flourish. Starting with an almost Micro-House aesthetic, which then transforms into more.

The title track, “Pigmented Reality,” stands as the album’s centrepiece, showcasing Kate’s ability to weave intricate soundscapes with emotional depth. “Retro Island” delves into a more nostalgic House realm, offering a nod to retro synths and rhythms, whilst keeping a trademark sheen. Tracks like “Dark Fields” drop the 4×4 for elegant breaks and a vocal performance that draws you in. “Status Quo” and “Punk Kids” inject a different, rebellious energy to the record but in very different ways, epitomising the electronic pop influences on the record.

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Throughout “Pigmented Reality,” Kate Pending demonstrates her mastery over the medium. Making full use of the long form album format. Each track is a careful movement in a different musical direction, blending more organic and synthesized sounds to create a rich, thematic experience. With “Onyx Skies” we get a more bass drum dominated sound, that underlines Kate’s fundamentally danceable sound whilst “Dystopian Dreams” veers into deeper House territory. The album’s conclusion begins with “After Hours” – the most dancefloor focused cut on the record, and “Waiting Game” which takes its foot off the gas so you can reflect on the journey you have just experienced.

Joining Kate for this record we have 2 remixers. Berlin based Iron Curtis provides two Electro tinged breaks reworks of “Pigmented Reality”, featuring the stripped back maximalist sound we come to expect from him. VOID LOOP ( ) also come correct with a tastefully flipped version of “Status Quo”. Pulling the original into a more 4×4 template but with a carefully crafted eccentric groove. Overall the variety of this package is its main strength, offering different ideas and vibes whilst keeping it all tied together.

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