Interview With Against All Odds


We sit down with Israeli DJ and producer Against All Odds to celebrate his recent release ‘Falling Down’ on IMPRESSUM. In this interview we find out more about the man behind the music…

How has 204 been for you so far?

The year began well, with many hours in the studio and incredible results that were later revealed.
Collaborations have been made with huge artists, and there is enormous support for my music, especially with the last release on IMPRESSUM.

How, when and why did you get into electronic music?

Then at an early age, I started DJing. I began producing around the age of 15, and by the age of 16, I was already creating music for Offer Nissim. The concept of working behind the scenes and producing for others appealed to me, and that’s what I’ve been doing to this day.
I wish I could inform the artists, but in 2023, I started a solo project with songs that I have fun with.

What is your main mission, your main goal, when making and playing music?

My major goal is to make people feel excited, powerful, and emotional through my music.
When I produce a track, I consider the person who will hear it, not just in a club, but also in the car or at home, and how I want them to feel when he or she listens to my music.
Finally, doing music allows me to express myself, communicate my story, and connect with people.

Is music a means of escape from everyday life and the woes of the world?

I kind of enjoy doing it as a hobby, so I’m around it all day, learning new things and developing this hobby.

Is that more important than ever given tension in the middle east right now?

With all the difficulty in this concentrated period here in Israel, I see Alor of great success from Israeli artists in the scene of melodic techno, therefore I think it is actually in my favour and I am very happy that my music manages to touch people all over the world even in such a time my music makes people around the world look at us differently.

Should dance music be politically and socially charged, do you think, or just for good times?

I collaborate with many artists of different sizes and genres from across the globe, and I always feel at ease and have an enjoyable time doing it.

What else inspires and influences you?

New toys for the studio, such as new plug-ins, hardware, and sounds, motivate me, as does any fresh technique I learned, and walks with my dog. Bruno helps me calm my mind after long hours in the studio, allowing me to focus on the next tune or improve the present one.

Tell us about your new release on Fideles’ IMPRESSUM label – ‘Falling Down’?

Signing with IMPRESSUM is something I’ve wanted for a long time, and I didn’t stop sending them new music for a whole year until this particular track was signed. I am very surprised by the hype the track received and the huge support such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Miss Monique, Layla Benitez, Fideles, 8KAYS, and more, as well as many big radio stations around the world. The fact that people all around the world won’t stop sending me messages about how much this track made people feel good and emotional which for me is worth everything.

What gear did you use on it and does that matter to you?
In this track, I used a more in the box approach, but I did use Prophet Rev 2 for the layers of the main leads and Virus TI for the bass of the breakdown, besides all kinds of cool plugins 😉

What do you like to do to relax outside of the studio?
I like to spend every free moment I have outside of the studio with my daughter Libby, that born one year ago. I am a very family-oriented person.

What other musical avenues do you explore out of the dance spectrum?
Recently I started to be exposed to electronic pop music that combines vocals and a lot of atmospheric synths, and I like industrial music, 130bpm and above.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
On May 10th, I released an EP called Reflection on Astral, which has received positive feedback. Additional tracks will be released later this year. In addition, my team is working on shows for the upcoming summer; updates later.

What was the last record that blew you away?
RY X – Lençóis (Love Me) (Cassian Remix)

This guy knows how to work! Excellent remix