Interview: Thousand Fingers

London-based Thousand Fingers has been growing his reputation far and wide as a musical curator who brings like minded people together, creating special moments on the dancefloor. We talked with him about his new release which is on Follow The Fingers and many more. Enjoy!

Hey Thousand Fingers, how are you, how has 2022 been?

Hey, It has been a great year. Record label, studio and as an artist I am very content about what I’ve achieved so far.

What inspired your new Amygdala tune on your label Follow The Fingers? When and how did you hook up with a-ta for it?

I thought it was a good idea to join both best selling artists of Follow The Fingers Records. Besides, each of us have a characteristic approach to music production that could go hand to hand.

Who brought what, what was it like collaborating?

I can clearly say that It was so fun to work with Ata – hope he thinks the same way 🙂 … Production wise we have been in touch all the time – when making the beats, deciding the sounds, and texture – and put 100% from ourselves. However, at some point we decided the original should be accompanied with an alternative version. When you listen to the release you can understand how we combined our differences.

What’s the aim with your label – why start it, what music and styles do you look to put out? How do you know what fits?

I’ve started Follow The Fingers as I didn’t want to fit into other labels’ sound and draw my own path. That worked out really well for my joint genre productions and created a platform for other artists to freely express their sound. We are putting out unique and quality productions that are going to make a change in the music scene. When it comes to choosing the right track for the label, it is about feelings. You understand if someone made a track with just putting some sounds together, or they put something from themselves.

How do you judge success, is it by sales, high profile support, or do you only care about you liking the music?

I am not going to lie, these all go hand to hand. As a business these are the aspects needed for longevity; sales, high profile support, liking the music etc. However, being a high profile record label – or artist – doesn’t make your music successful. End of the day music is music; it is a tool. You make use of it, or give a meaning to it, without a meaning it is just noise.

Tell us about the best and worst bits of running a label?

I really enjoy the creative parts; music, graphics, videos etc but when it comes to social media and marketing … I can’t say it is so much fun.

How do you evolve the sound of a label while staying true to the OG sound and not jumping on new hype bandwagon?

Music changes with the technological advancements and people’s listening habits, so if you are going to discuss roots, being reformist etc it is not just about music – it is about life itself and change is essential to exist.

What are you most proud of with the label so far?

Everything makes me happy with it right now 🙂

What does it have in store for 2023?

It’s a surprise but lots coming up I’m excited about 😉

A-ta, Thousand Fingers – Amygdala incl. Tomi H Remix is out now on Follow The Fingers
Grab it here!