Edmonton artist JusJrdn previews Road2Olympus mixtape with “Fool”

Edmonton’s own JusJrdn recently let off his latest single “Fool” in advance of his forthcoming mixtape, Road2Olympus.

The self-produced “Fool” is available on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Check it out below along with the accompanying press release and JusJrdn’s biography.

Edmonton artist JusJrdn releases the self-produced single Fool

JusJrdn: No Food, No Water, No Problem?

Edmonton, Alberta. NHL’s playoff hub and home to artist JusJrdn, who recently released his latest single “Fool” on August 31st, 2020. The single was released independently and can be streamed on all platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify and purchased on platforms such as iTunes and Google Play.

Restricted to a diet without food and water for up to 5 days, hourly meditations, and 3 separate hours of training are some of the practices we find JusJrdn entangled with on a regular basis. “Fool” is self produced by JusJrdn, and is a representation of his personal development from these extreme mental and physical challenges. With smooth, atmospheric tones wrapped in a body of melody and groove, this piece of art attributes to J’s constant need for self improvement behind the mic and his willingness to exceed all prior expectations set previously by the industry.

“Fool” was mixed by Sean Fiji and is the first single released off of JusJrdn’s coming mixtape Road2Olympus. Having shared the stage with acts such as Tyga and Ace Hood, hosting Jay-Z’s official 4:44 After Party, JusJrdn refined his vision and focused even more. JusJrdn and his team are dropping 2 mixtapes and his sophomore album Olympus which will be his next stepping stone up industry ladder, as he works with Canada’s top professional leaders in the industry such as NATO, a Gold Record mixing and mastering icon and the man behind hip-hop artist Merkules. These projects will be released independently with a professional team behind him.



JusJrdn (Photo: Instagram/@universal.poet)

About JusJrdn

Jordan “JusJrdn” Pariseau is an independent, national award nominated hip hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Prior to emerging as a solo artist, JusJrdn collaborated with Edmonton artists Angelo Gabe, and Karly Hope, performing as the trio ImPerfection. They cut their teeth and earned their dues performing at talent shows, fundraisers, weddings, birthday parties, and anywhere else they could plug in and bust out.

JusJrdn began performing more shows as a solo act, developing his voice, and honing his performance style. In November 2015, JusJrdn collaborated on a 3-song project with producer Andrew Menzak, who was using it for his portfolio at MacEwan University, a collaboration that sparked 2016’s 14-track record “L.I.F.E.”. The album, featuring JusJrdn’s previous collaborators Karly Hope and Angelo Gabe, officially released on December 27th, 2016, and the official sold-out release party blew the walls off The Needle Vinyl Tavern in Edmonton.

JusJrdn was nominated for both the People’s Choice Award for the 2017 Edmonton Music Awards as well as Prairie Rap Album of the year for the 2017 CUT Awards. Off the strength of the album JusJrdn continued to perform around Edmonton, opening for bigger acts such as R.A. The Rugged man, A-F-R-O, Ace Hood, Vic Mensa, Tyga, as well as hosting Jay-Z’s 4:44 tour after-party.

In May of 2018, as JusJrdn was preparing to tour Europe, it all fell apart. Some business deals went chaotic, creating a ton of debt for JusJrdn. His girlfriend left, and JusJrdn faced the challenge of running his personal training Company F.R.E.E. Fitness, while struggling to pay off bills and find energy for his art. JusJrdn hit a wall. What followed was a period of isolation, depression and crippling anxiety. But after some time in isolation to heal and rejuvenate, reading and meditating daily, along with an intense workout and fasting schedule, JusJrdn found his way back to the light, better, faster, stronger. In November 2019, JusJrdn dropped a set of singles called “Jus4Fun” to showcase his new, yet familiar, sound, his positive mindset, and his sky-high ambition. This is only the beginning.

With a new, bigger team behind him, JusJrdn puts the final touches on 2 new e.p’s and his killer full- length studio record “Olympus” (scheduled to drop in 2021). These projects will feature Canada’s best in the music industry collaborating with professionals in and out of the studio, as well as featured mixes from mixing master Nato who works the cloesly with fellow Canadian artist Merkules.

Aiming high is nothing new for JusJrdn. With personal goals clearly in his sights, JusJrdn is ready to break big, bringing his insane, high energy stage show to new audiences. With the support of his family and with the lessons of the street behind him, JusJrdn won’t take no for an answer anymore.

Nothing can stop J now.



JusJrdn (Photo: Supplied)

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