Dylan Joseph Sees And Makes Magic With New Music Video “44”

Dylan Joseph’s much anticipated new song comes under the form of a music video titled “44,” a country track that sees the young Dylan at his sharpest and most inspired we’ve seen in a while. While the title doesn’t evoke much at first, listeners will be surprised to learn that the number 44 symbolizes the Guardian Angel of Protection in the Bible, an important fact to understand Dylan’s creation. 

Dylan Joseph witnessed the miraculous saving of his sister from a vital brain surgery, following a car accident she was involved in. When his sister came out of the hospital, the number 44 appeared on her way wherever she went. Dylan’s mother and Dylan himself also had a similar experience, as the number 44 would appear several times a day to them. 

“44” is a song dedicated to God, and shares Dylan’s gratitude for his sister’s miraculous recovery, a beautiful country track in which Dylan’s voice instantly provokes chills in the spine at first listen.