Dean the Dream’s Latest Album ‘Hitchin’ It To Heaven’ Is Ahead Of The Times

Brendan Alpiner, mostly known as Dean the Dream, stands out with his avant-garde rendition of Psychedelic and Fun Rock music. The Detroit-born artist released the album Hitchin’ It To Heaven during the summer, introducing the lead single “Goodbye, Danny.”

Blending the ‘70s Psychedelic genre with Blues, Grunge, and Old School Rock & Roll, the talented musician revolutionizes the industry with his brand new approach, avoiding overused expressions and interpretations. Written and composed by Dean the Dream, the 7-track record strips down the artist and unravels his vulnerability and sensitivity.

Dean the Dream is unabashed by his bold stories, he reveals that “The story of Hitchin’ It to Heaven is mostly my attempt to discuss the different sorts of lives, secrets and stories that live within the gay community. As we become more visible and gain more acceptance, it’s important to tell the stories—even the not so pleasant ones—to further gain understanding. Progress is important, but it’s not always easy.”

Following the example of legends like Black Sabbath and Elvis Presley, Alpiner is unapologetic and uncompromising when it comes to his artistic and creative choices. He prefers to work with musicians who are daring and have a clear vision of what they want, like Orville Peck, Lana Del Rey, and Valerie June.

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