Cann Zeka Shares Spiritual Quest On New Track “Mirror Mirror”

Cann Zeka is releasing his new genre-blending track, “Mirror Mirror,” a fantastic Hip-Hop/electro single that greatly displays the powerful skills and highly intuitive approach towards art of this fast rising artist, DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter.

“The more I believe in myself, the more they disappear” is the kind of lyrics listeners will have the privilege to hear on “Mirror Mirror,” while Zeka is sharing an intimate conversation between him and himself, trying to transcend the tragic duality he is confronted with, between the devil and angel, his ultimate inner battle. 

The versatile artist tackles some of the deepest, if not the deepest, quest to self-understanding and awareness, in order to reach a higher state of consciousness, a sacred oneness. 

The spiritual elements he distills throughout his music is simply jaw-dropping, offering a multitude of interpretation layers to real music lovers, and setting the perfect base for what’s going to come next.