Bvne previews EP debut with “Dabs on Saturn” single

While focusing on music engineering at Valencia, 19-year-old rapper and songwriter Bvne has been finalizing his EP debut set to drop July 23.

Bvne Visits the 6th Dimension features Bvne blending elements of trap, edm, punk trap and R&B to formulate his own unique style.

The Tampa, Florida-native recently released the track “Dabs on Saturn,” described as “a song about enjoying some of earths most astral fruits and transcending the bounds of the 3rd dimension.”.

You can find “Dabs on Saturn” on Spotify and other platforms.

Check out the track below and stay tuned for Bvne Visits the 6th Dimension.

Bvne previews EP debut with Dabs on Saturn single

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