Antonio Blue Shares The Powerful Single “Nigerian Royalty”

Antonio Blue is releasing a new song, the powerful single titled “Nigerian Royalty.” The emerging artist also runs a podcast, RawTV 101, addressing various topics including bettering society and bringing exuberance into the galaxy, his two latest episodes. 

Best known for his single “She Wants Love Now,” Antonio Blue is rapidly making his way in music with warm textures, genre-bending soundscapes, and last but not least, alluring vocal deliveries that  truly act as the highlight of his songs. In “Nigerian Royalty,” Antonio Blue is seen revealing an addictive tune that reinforces his status as a special arctic capable of turning into gold every single project he undertakes. He has crafted sublime soundscapes in the footsteps of our recent history’s top R&B artists’ works. If you haven’t yet, make sure to stream this musical genius’ out-of-this-world new single, “Nigerian Royalty.”