Anthony Wexler Helps People Accept Their “Fragile” Self

American artist, singer-songwriter, and skilled guitar player Anthony Wexler has unveiled his most recent work, the single “Fragile.” This successful attempt to help us all accept our fragile selves is as inspiring as it is beautifully performed. 

In the footsteps of artists such as John Mayer, Andy McKee, Donell Jones and James Taylor, Anthony Wexler combines his instrumental and singing talents to produce the kind of songs that will withstand times and trends. 

His message is deeply powerful, especially when he talks about how his faith in God has been the crucial element allowing him to overcome his mental troubles, find his inner peace, and accept his fragile nature. That same fragility that would torture him in the past has now transformed into one of his biggest drives for creating music and expressing himself artistically. 

Following-up on “Endlessly” featuring Lydia Thomas, “Fragile” is a song that sees Anthony Wexler’s artistic maturation process reaching new heights, while we already highly anticipate his next masterpiece!