Amirah Released Her New Single “Tell Me” + Lyric Music Video

We got to know singer-songwriter Amirah from her previous release titled “You Are My Land,”  when she touched our hearts with an emotional and affective song dedicated to her homeland and to her people. She masterly managed to express her pain about the state of her native Malaysia. With her singular ability to create amazing songs with powerful lyrics and instrumentation, often a blend of western and eastern elements, the multi-talented songstress presented to the whole world a strong call for unity amidst the 2020 elections taking place in the USA.

Her brand new release titled “Tell Me” originally composed in Malay explores faith, freedom, and the endless search for meaning and who we truly are as a people. 

A song that is perfectly designed to unite people regardless of race, religion, culture, nationality, or sexual orientation, “Tell Me” holds a rare power to inspire everyone to continue pursuing a more unified world.
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