Listen to Charly Bliss and PUP’s New Holiday Single, “It’s Christmas and I F*cking Miss You”

PUP and Charly Bliss have joined forces for a new holiday-focused song, “It’s Christmas and I Fucking Miss You,” out now.

With Charly Bliss’ Eva Hendricks and PUP’s Stefan Babcock taking vocal turns on each verse, the song combines the best of both bands into an angsty but fun rock song about the darker side of winter festivities. “This whole year’s been dogshit anyways,” Babcock sings.

The music video for “It’s Christmas and I Fucking Miss You” features footage of the two bands just hanging out together, with decorations and festive lights spread throughout.

Hendricks explained more about the song’s crossover creation:

We never imagined we’d be so proud and absolutely thrilled as we are by the results. We tried to write a song that reflects the absolute insanity of this year and the fact that everyone in the world is stuck missing someone this holiday season and probably feeling a similar combination of emo, angsty and vulnerable!!!!

Watch Charly Bliss and PUP’s new video for their song “It’s Christmas and I Fucking Miss You” below. You’ll find Charly Bliss’ 2017 Paste Studio session and PUP’s 2014 Daytrotter session further down.