Vancouver’s Powfu enlists Rxseboy & Sarcastic Sounds for anime-inspired “ill come back to you” video

With his beabadoobee-sampled “death bed” currently sitting at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100, Vancouver chill lofi alt rapper Powfu is steadily racking up views for his new video “ill come back to you.”

The song will appear on Powfu’s upcoming EP, poems of the past, and features fellow lofi heads Rxseboy and Sarcastic Sounds (production). There was a May 15 release date floating around for the project, but apparently that wasn’t the case since only the “ill come back to you” single and accompanying Noah Sterling-directed anime video for the track were released on that day.

There was also no date given in a recent Instagram post made by Powfu that included the EP track listing: “6 song EP releasing soon,” but the pre-save link in the video description for “ill come back to you” shows where the initial date came from. It lists May 15 as the release date but there’s no other info available pertaining to the delay or a new date.


Scene from the new Powfu video ill come back to you

Scene from “ill come back to you” video

The video for “ill come back to you” has been viewed over 260K times since its release, and the song is getting close to 900K Spotify streams. In April, he released the “im used to it” video which just recently passed the 1.5 million view count.

As the lofi movement continues to sweep the globe, Powfu continues to cement himself as one of it’s biggest assets. His song “death bed” has served as the soundtrack to over five million TikTok uploads to date, and people are now eager to check out the Blink 182 remix if of the track that will be on the EP.

“ill come back to you” was recently added to our official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh which we update regularly.

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