Out Your F*****g Mouth: Detroit’s G’Mac Cash drops new song inspired by Will Smith smacking Chris Rock

Detroit-based comedy rapper G’Mac Cash clearly knows an opportunity when he sees one. Less than 24 hours since Will Smith smacked the shit out of Chris Rock at The Oscars, G’Mac has already released a new song inspired by the incident called “Out Your F*****g Mouth.” It samples Will screaming at Rock after hitting him, and then proceeds to breakdown the incident with some slick bars.

G’Mac initially posted the song on TikTok roughly 16 hours ago and the track has been streamed over 400K times on the platform since. Not to mention, hundreds of other TikTok users have already borrowed the track for their own videos.

Along with TikTok, G’Mac Cash has also posted the REMIXGODSUEDE-produced record on his YouTube channel, where’s he’s seen another 5K+ views. Check it out below. G’Mac has a sizeable collection of comedy raps on digital streaming platforms, so don’t be surprised if you see this on on there.

Don’t be surprised if you see more songs and lyrics inspired by “the slap heard around the world.” In fact, earlier today, NYC’s Agallah Don Bishop released his own self-produced track which he called “keep my wifes name out your f****** mouth.”

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