Hip-Hop Universe: 200 rappers who died In 2020

Hip-Hop Universe recently posted a lengthy and tragic clip that really highlights how severely gun violence is plaguing the hip-hop community. COVID-19 hit the hip-hop community as hard as any, but it pales in comparison to the impact felt by guns. It’s almost surreal to watch this list play out, knowing how much life and talent was lost in just one year’s time.

In a video titled “200 Rappers Who Died In 2020,” the majority of names listed were victims of gun violence. Since this list is focused on rappers specifically, the amount of loss hip-hop experienced in 2020 is actually much higher than 200 people… factor in the engineers, producers, DJs, executives, managers, designers, dancers, promoters etc. and you get a number fair greater which is even harder to process.

Along with gun violence, drug overdose, COVID-19 and car accidents were other causes of death that appeared numerous times on the list.

As the video summarizes, a rapper died “every 44 hours” in 2020… “And nobody in hip-hop seems to care about it. Not even a worldwide pandemic could stop people from killing each other.”

Rest In Peace.