Young Thug YSL Trial Gets Crazy, Lawyers Argue, Judge Yells

Young Thug‘s YSL trial continues to get crazier by the day, as arguments between attorneys get so heated the bailiff has to step in today.

YSL Trial Lawyers Argue, Judge Yells

On Thursday (March 14), the YSL trial continued after beginning back in November of 2023. Prosecutor Adriane Love was speaking to Judge Ural Glanville, who ruled the prosecution could not include a detective’s testimony as evidence, as shown on the daily Law & Crime livestream of the trial. One of Thugger’s defense attorneys, Doug Weinstein, stepped in to try and move things along.

“Your honor, at some point your ruling needs to be,” Weinstein began.

“Your honor, I’m sorry, I’m talking about I don’t know why I am being interrupted. I did not stop,” Love continued.

At that moment, the bailiff steps in to calm things down.

“Ms. Love, both y’all can’t talk at the same time,” the bailiff said, which Judge Glanville agreed with.

“You need to just take it down a notch,” Judge Glanville said. “You continually engage in this pattern of behavior Ms. Love. You don’t wanna accept my ruling, and I know you’re being an advocate, but at some point stop. Just stop, I’ve made my ruling! Good, bad or indifferent to ya. You’re gonna win some, you’re gonna lose some.”

Love continued to argue that the court was not allowing her to present the evidence needed, but Judge Glanville would not budge.

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Young Thug’s YSL Trial Continues to Drag On

Young Thug’s ongoing and bizarre YSL trial entered its 42nd day on Thursday and comes after the prosecution played a recorded 911 call from Sept. 11, 2013, in February. In the call, a woman calls 911 and names Thug as the person responsible for shooting a mutual friend. The woman clarifies in the clip below that this information was passed on to her by someone else, and that the shooting victim is no longer in danger, but she wants to get Thug’s identity on the record.

It was also reported in February that a YSL defense attorney, Nicole Fegan, had been arrested in Atlanta and hit with gang-related charges. The Atlanta Police Department confirmed with XXL that Fegan was taken into custody and transported to Fulton County Jail on charges of participation in criminal street gang activity and criminal solicitation to commit tampering with evidence. Her charges had nothing to do with the YSL trial.

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Watch the tense argument below.

Watch the Young Thug YSL Trial Lawyers Argue

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