Watch Screaming Females Shred in New Live Video for “It All Means Nothing”

To save us from the boredom of quarantine, New Jersey indie rockers Screaming Females have released a live video for the fiery track “It All Means Nothing.”

The electric performance took place at Chicago’s beloved DIY space The Hideout on January 31, 2014 (a much simpler time). The recording comes straight from the band’s 2014 record Live at the Hideout, but the song is originally off of 2012’s Ugly. The video was recorded by Steve Albini and directed by Mark Pallman, and it’s almost like we haven’t been stuck in our houses for months, and we’re finally in the sweaty embrace of a pit.

“We all miss the joy of live music so we dug through the archives and found this footage from the show that was recorded for Live at The Hideout,” the band wrote on Twitter. “Hope you can take a few minutes to watch and that it brings joy to your day.”

Warning: this video contains ridiculous amounts of shredding, and will make you incredibly nostalgic for gigs.

Dive into the rock ‘n’ roll madness below, and scroll down to listen to the band’s 2013 Daytrotter session.