Watch Bob Dylan Perform Songs from Nashville Skyline, Released On This Day in 1969

Bob Dylan is a shapeshifter. He’s worn many hats throughout his career—rock star, folk crooner, musical intellectual and political troubadour—and just over 50 years ago, he unexpectedly added country singer to that list. Dylan released Nashville Skyline, one of the most noteworthy style deviations in his discography, on April 9, 1969, and it ranks high among the best albums of that year. It features the suggestive hit “Lay, Lady, Lay,” Bob Dylan’s finest drawl and a reworked version of his 1963 tune “Girl From The North Country” featuring the country king himself, Johnny Cash.

Below, watch Dylan perform “Girl From The North Country” live in Oakland, Calif., in 1988 via the Paste vault. Further down, hear him sing “Lay, Lady, Lay” while on tour with The Band in 1974.

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