Vince Staples Shares New Single, Reveals Album Details

In 2021, Vince Staples’ self-titled album was named one of our favorite albums of the year. After announcing and teasing the release of its highly anticipated follow-up Ramona Park Broke My Heart, Staples has finally shared an April 8 release date via Motown Records. The exciting news arrives alongside a new single “Rose Street.”

After Will Smith’s altercation with Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars ceremony, Staples tweeted “Will Smith inspired me man let me drop this video.” Shortly after, “Rose Street” was unveiled. The video contains a spoken word sample interrogating the meaning of being Black in America, followed up by a short but powerful rap from Staples that reflects on his rise to success. The full audio released on streaming services is a brisk, chilled-out California-tinged track as Staples asks what love is, interspersed with memories of visiting graves and hearing warning shots in the air.

In press materials for the new album, Staples reveals a key takeaway from Ramona Park Broke My Heart: “This album will make even more sense if you heard the previous one. This one has more answers.”

Below, watch the video for “Rose Street” and preorder Ramona Park Broke My Heart ahead of its April 8 release here.