TRAAMS Share First New Music in Five Years With New Single “The Greyhound”

U.K. post-punk trio TRAAMS are back with their first new material in nearly five years. The band have shared a new single called “The Greyhound,” which follows their 2015 album Modern Dancing. It’s the first track from a collection of three new songs, which will be released later this year.

Throughout their career, they’ve traversed spasmodic post-punk, noise punk à la Women and hypnotic krautrock. On “The Greyhound,” their near-10-minute new track, they fold all those sounds into one. It’s got a monochromatic drive, vocals that range from bleak to spirited and a fuse that might blow at any second. It also features Lewis Evans of Black Country, New Road on saxophone.

Listen to “The Greyhound” below, and scroll down to hear their 2015 Daytrotter session.